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Better Your Business Waste Management

Many business owners think that ‘going green’ will end up costing them money. When in actual fact, by managing your business waste and recycling more, you could save money and reduce your impact on the environment at the same time

The Waste Hierarchy

The Waste Hierarchy is a useful guide for managing your businesses waste more sustainably. The most efficient option starts at 1. The least efficient option is 5.

  1. Eliminate: Avoid producing waste in the first place.
  2. Reduce: Minimise the amount of waste you do produce.
  3. Re-use: Use items as many times as possible.
  4. Recycle: Recycle what you can only after you have re-used it.
  5. Dispose: Dispose of what’s left in your bin.

The benefits of reducing waste

To save money, most businesses think about cutting the cost of disposing of waste. But reducing waste could save your business money in other ways:

  • The original cost of materials.
  • Cost of handling, delivery and processing of materials.
  • Staff time buying, handling and processing materials.

Reducing your waste will make your business more profitable.

Benefits of recycling

There are four good reasons why your business should recycle and it’s not just about the environment:

  1. Make sure you comply with the law (see commercial waste legislation)
  2. Create a USP over your competitors: Improve your reputation and meet customer’s demands for a better environment
  3. Protect the long term sustainability of your business.
  4. Reduce your waste disposal costs


We here at Bithells are always happy to help with Waste Management for any organisation, but we are also big advocates of ensuring the Earth becomes a greener and healthier place when it comes to waste.

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